About Us

Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization in Georgetown, Texas


Our vision is a healthy, active, and fit Georgetown, Texas.


In 2010 three members of the City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Board formed a subcommittee to study financial accessibility to Parks and Recreation programs. This committee discovered that no scholarship or assistance programs were available to Georgetown citizens who could not afford memberships or programs that the Parks and Recreation Department offered.

The 501(c)3 organization The Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation was formed to remedy this situation. Early in its formation this group realized the need to start with a pilot program. This pilot became the Georgetown Swims project. We offered free Swim Lessons to members of the Boys and Girls Club of Georgetown. This was an excellent collaboration. The Boys and Girls Club could provide transportation and a population of kids who needed to learn how to swim. The lessons began in January 2011. We currently offer 9 sessions of lessons. Sessions consist of 8 lessons. We like our students to continue with multiple sessions so they can attain Red Cross level 3 swimming abilities. As of 2013 we have served about 150 kids with swimming lessons. We expect this highly successful program to continue and expand into the future.

Georgetown Swims is dependent upon donations. All donations are much appreciated. To date our two largest donors have been Cody Pools and The San Gabriel Woman’s Club of Georgetown, Texas. On March 29, 2013 we were awarded a $2,700 grant from Make a Splash, a part of the USA Swimming Foundation. This grant will allow us to continue, improve and expand our highly successful Georgetown Swims program. We always need volunteers and donations. For more information contact us at contact(at)gtparkpals.org

After the success of Georgetown Swims, The Friends or “Park Pals” looked to expand our offerings. Today we offer financial help to families or individuals needing assistance to afford programs or memberships at the Parks and Recreation Center. We also provide volunteers for special events. We were successful in obtaining a grant from the Lola Wright Foundation to provide a portable lift for the pools enabling all citizens to enjoy the city pools.


Our vision is to make all programs and facilities of Georgetown Parks and Recreation financially and physically available to all Georgetown residents.


Our mission is to support the city Of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department in providing programs and facilities to promote the social, cultural and recreational well-being of all residents of the city of Georgetown.