Created June 7, 2010. *Revised September 19, 2011 at the Annual Meeting.

Article I

The Name of the Corporation shall be "Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation"

Article II Purpose

To support the city of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department, in providing programs and facilities to promote the social, cultural and recreational well-being of all residents of the city of Georgetown.

Article III Membership

Any individual, family, or organization interested in parks and recreation shall be eligible for membership. Each membership shall have one vote for the purpose of electing officers and board members.

Article IV Board of Directors

  • Section A

    A Board of Directors composed of four officers and three to seven Directors elected by the membership shall be responsible for all decisions and activities of the organization not otherwise assigned in these Bylaws, with all powers to execute the same.
  • Section B

    The immediate past President may serve as a voting Director for one (1) year following the expiration of his or her term of office.
  • Section C

    All Board members shall take an active role in the work of Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation. Directors may be removed from the Board by a majority vote of the Board if they attend less than half of the regularly scheduled Board meetings.*
  • Section D

    One member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (appointed by the Chairperson) shall be an ex-officio member of the Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Board.
  • Section E

    The Director of Georgetown Parks and Recreation shall be an ex-officio member of the Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation board.

Article V Standing Committees

  • Section A

    Standing Committees shall be established by the Board of Directors and may include the following:
    1. Membership
    2. Fundraising
    3. Publicity
    4. Acquiring Grants
    5. Scholarships
    6. Hospitality
    7. Volunteers
  • Section B

    Board members may act as Chairpersons of Standing Committees. Chairs who are not Board members will provide periodic reports to the Board as requested.

Article VI Meetings

  • Section A

    The Membership shall meet in September, at a time and place set by the Board, to elect Officers and Directors, to hear reports, and to act upon other issues presented by the Board or by written petition of at least five members of the Friends. The Board may call other meetings of the members as needed. Action shall require a majority vote of members present and voting. Notice of membership meetings shall be given to all members in good standing at least three (3) business days in advance of the meeting.
  • Section B

    The Board shall hold regular meetings each year at dates, times, and places determined by the Board. The Presiding Officer shall prepare an agenda which includes the approval of minutes and a Treasurer's report. A quorum of a majority of the filled Board positions, one of whom is an Officer, is required for the transaction of business. All transactions shall require the vote of the majority of the Board members present and voting.
  • Section C

    All meetings of the Membership and Board shall be conducted according to Parliamentary Rules (Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised) in all instances where they are applicable and are not inconsistent with these Bylaws.

Article VII Fiscal Year and Dues

  • Section A

    The fiscal year shall begin October 1 and end September 30.
  • Section B

    Annual dues for categories of membership shall be set by the Board.

    Article VIII Officers:

    The officers of Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Article IX Duties of Officers:

  • Section A

    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Friends and of the Board; shall appoint, after consulting with the Board, all committees (except the Nominating Committee which shall be appointed by the whole Board); shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee; and shall perform all other duties incumbent upon a President or assigned by the Board.
  • Section B

    The President-Elect shall assume office in the absence of the President and perform all the duties of that office.
  • Section C.

    The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Board and membership meetings; read them (if requested) for adoption at the next meeting; and perform other duties assigned by the Board. The Secretary shall sign and date all approved minutes and keep a copy as a permanent record.
  • Section D.

    The Treasurer shall be custodian of the Friends' funds; deposit them in a bank designated by the Board; pay all obligations approved by the Board; keep accurate and complete records of the funds and transactions; and shall maintain the record of all members who have paid current dues and, hence, are eligible to vote and to hold office and file forms with the appropriate authorities. Written checks shall require the signature of the Treasurer and one designated member of the Board. Two Friends of GPR members other than the Treasurer shall audit the books within thirty days of the end of the fiscal year and report the results of the audit to the Board of Directors.

Article X Elections

  • Section A.

    A Nominating Committee composed of one Officer (other than the President), one Director of the Board, and one member of the membership who is not on the Board shall be appointed by the Board in June to report to the September membership meeting. Any member may make additional nominations from the floor, provided the nominee's prior consent has been obtained. Election shall be by majority vote of the members present and voting.
  • Section B.

    New Officers and Directors shall assume office on October 1 following their election.
  • Section C.

    All Officers shall be elected for a one (1) year term and may serve no more than five (5) terms consecutively in the same office. Directors shall be elected for a two (2) year term and may serve no more than three (3) terms consecutively in the same office.
  • Section D.

    The Directors' terms of office should be grouped so that half of the Directors are elected each year.
  • Section E.

    When a vacancy occurs in any position, it shall be filled by the Board at its next meeting. Persons selected to fill a vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term and shall be eligible for further elections.

Article XI Amendment

These Bylaws may be amended at any membership meeting of the Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided that notice of the proposed changes were provided with all notices of the meeting.

Article XII Dissolution

Upon dissolution, the surplus assets of Friends of Georgetown Parks and Recreation shall be distributed to the Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department.