Georgetown Swims

What is it?

The goal of the 'Georgetown Swims' program is 'every child in Georgetown will have basic swimming and water-safety skills before entering the fifth grade'.

What's the Status?

Lessons with the Boys and Girls club are ongoing. Lessons are also available for families on free or reduced school lunch who can provide their own transportation to pool

Interested in joining?

Fill out and send in the following forms via email or mail:

How to Help

We always need volunteers and funding. Volunteers assist and supervise our swimmers during lessons. About 3 hours a week of your time can really help our program. We need gently used swimsuits, towels and goggle donations. Money, we always need donations to keep the program going. Let’s make certain all Georgetown kids can swim and are water safe.


We provide free swim lessons to members of the Georgetown Boys and Girls Club. We also provide lessons to youth who are on free or reduced school lunch if they have access to transportation to and from the Rec Center pool. The Boys and Girls Club is able to provide transportation for their participants. Georgetown Swims launched in January 2011. In that first year we provided 8 sessions of 8 Red Cross swimming lessons. In 2012 we provided 9 sessions of lessons. We added a summer session specifically for teenagers in 2012. In 2013 we hope to offer 12 sessions of lessons. Our lessons are given twice weekly with 40 minutes of instruction in the water and 5 minutes of on deck water safety instruction with an average of 8 kids per lesson and 2 water safety instructors.